The Regional Water Management Board in Krakow (the RZGW in Krakow) acts under the Act of July 18th, 2001 – Water Law (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland (Dziennik Ustaw) of 2012, Item 145 with later amendments), the Regulation of the Cabinet of December 10th, 2002 on the course of the river basin district’s boundaries, assignment of the ground water reservoirs to the proper basin districts, establishment of the regional water management boards, and division of basin districts into water regions (Journals of Laws of the Republic of Poland (Dziennik Ustaw) No 232, Item 1953),  and the Statute of the Regional Water Management Board in Krakow. The RZGW in Krakow is a state budgetary unit, established for performance of tasks concerning water management, subordinate to the President of the National Water Management Board.


The Director of the Regional Water Management Board in Krakow is a body of non-joint governmental administration competent for water management in the water regions of the Upper Vistula river, the Czarna Orawa river, and the Dnister river. The Director of the RZGW in Krakow shall perform the tasks specified in the Water Law given the nature of the water regions’ area.  
The major role of the RZGW in Krakow is water management within the area of its activity, aiming in achieving the main objectives of contemporary water policy that would allow:


  • development and protection of ground and surface waters with the aim of achieving and maintaining good status of these waters and of water ecosystems, and of ecosystems directly depending on water, in accordance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive,
  • creation of conditions to meet the legitimate needs of the population and the economy (industry, agriculture, navigation, hydro-power engineering, recreation) while respecting the principles of sustainable development of water use,
  • protection of people and property from hazards that may occur as a result of extreme events (flood, draught).


Tasks of the Director of the RZGW include:


  1. laying down terms and conditions for the use of waters in a water region, drafting flood protection plans in a water region, carrying out an economic analysis of water management in a water region,
  2. giving opinions to the draft plans of water management in river basin districts (the river basin management plans),
  3. co-ordination of measures with respect to flood and drought protection in a water region, and in particular management of flood protection co-ordination and information centres,
  4. running a water cadastre for a water region,
  5. performing the investor function with regard to water management in a water region,
  6. maintenance and management of the State Treasury’s property on the rivers and streams,
  7. planning undertakings related to reconstruction of ecosystems degraded by exploitation of water resources
  8. preparing lists of: surface and ground waters which are or can be used for public supplies of water intended for consumption, surface waters used for recreational purposes, in particular for bathing, surface waters intended for fish and shellfish or other organisms to live in natural conditions, waters sensitive to pollution with nitrogen compounds resulting from agricultural sources,
  9. issuing water permits for undertakings located on the closed areas, and acting as an appellate administrative body from decisions on water permits issued by local authorities (governors),
  10. agrees local spatial management draft plans and draft decisions concerning the conditions of building development and site planning with respect to undertakings which may affect the environment,
  11. carrying out inspections related to the water management.




The RZGW in Krakow has been entrusted with the supervision of fishing districts. There are 89 fishing districts established on the area of the Upper Vistula water region, including 38 fishing districts on the area of the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Director of the Regional Water Management Board in Krakow -

Vice Director:


mgr inż. Małgorzata Owsiany


mgr inż. Tomasz Sądag


mgr inż. Stefan Sawicki


mgr inż. Wojciech Bosak


mgr Barbara Perska



Basin Boards
Within the Regional Water Management Board there are field organizational units – basin boards, which realize the tasks with respect to maintenance of surface waters and water installations located on the area of their activity, management of properties owned by the State Treasury, and other statutory tasks  on behalf of the Director of the RZGW.